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Whether you have an old tree that might be a safety hazard or simply need a tree close to your home trimmed back a bit, Don's Tree Services will provide the best possible service every time!

We are licensed, and insured, and will make sure we get everything done right, the first time around.

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Tree Trimming & Pruning

While nature usually does a very nice job on its own, sometimes it just needs a little help to get things just right. Such is the case with trees. Left on their own, limbs can grow too close to a structure or the tree can grow too high or thick, cutting off more sun light than desired.

Ideally, tree pruning should be done on young trees to encourage healthy, strong growth.

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Tree Health Tips


Topping or stubbing are examples of removing large branches from mature trees. A topped tree is a disfigured tree and although it was intended to help the tree, the opposite is the result.

When a large amount of a tree's canopy (umbrella) is removed, the crown to root ratio is imbalanced and this adversely affects the tree's nutrition. It also exposes the tree to the sun which can result in scalding. Topped trees develop multiple branches or suckers, at or near the pruning cut.

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Good For Tree


Pruning is needed to remove dead, diseased, injured, broken, rubbing and crowded limbs. Trees are thinned to allow for the wind and air to flow through. Proper thinning reduces wind resistance often responsible for uprooting or creating deformities.

A well-thinned tree reflects a skilled arborist with good judgment and it is worthwhile investment in a valued tree. Healthy, well-formed trees increase the value of property. And the opposite is also true.

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